Fri, December 03, 2021


How to protect your facebook account

Facebook sent a notification to its users on Thursday that everyone has 15 days to activate its all-important “Facebook Protect” feature and warned that failure to do so means users will be locked out of their accounts until the security feature is activated.

he “advanced security program” provides stronger account protection, according to the social media giant.

Here are nine steps of an easy guideline to activate the feature before the November 12 deadline:

1. Click on the menu bar (the three-line icon) and select “Settings”;
2. Select “Password and Security”;
3. Select "Facebook Protect";
4. Press “Next” then “Next” again;
 5. Click on the “Fix Now” button on a page with a message read "We’ve checked your account for vulnerabilities";
6. Press the “Turn On” button to turn on two-factor authentication;
7. Select a security method by clicking on the “Text message (SMS)” section;
8. Select the phone number and wait for the 6-digit code to be sent to the mobile phone. Then enter the code and press “Continue”;
9. It will appear that the two-factor authentication is on, press “Done”.

How to protect your facebook account

Published : October 29, 2021