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MONDAY, October 03, 2022
Yala’s Betong district is ready to welcome tourists

Yala’s Betong district is ready to welcome tourists

THURSDAY, February 17, 2022

At least 75 per cent of people in the Betong district of Yala province have had two doses of vaccination, and more than 70 per cent of the workplace is safe and meets health standards with SHA+/ TSC/ Covid-free setting, the Betong district authority said.

Betong sheriff, Ek Yangaphai na Songkhla, said there were 187 establishments that had passed the Thai Stop Covid Plus standard, 59 met SHA standards and 15 met the SHA+ standards.

There are also safety measures at tourist attractions in Betong district, such as Ayer Weng Sea of Mist viewpoint, Winter Flower Garden, Piyamit Tunnel, Chulabhorn Phatthana Village 10 and Betong Hot Spring. which are planned to be opened to tourists.

Many restaurant operators say that if the Thai-Malaysian border is opened, it would generate substantial income for locals, such as for restaurants, traditional massage parlours, hotels, and other establishments, since local establishments mostly rely on Singaporean and Malaysian tourists.

One restaurant owner said that even Malaysia has not opened the country yet. There are around 1,000 domestic tourists coming to visit Betong every day. However, the guide only takes tourists to shops listed on the guide's list.