Tue, July 05, 2022


Policies will decide the winner of Bangkok governor election: poll

Candidates' policies will be the key factor in determining who wins the Bangkok governor election on May 22, a poll conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) revealed on Sunday.

The poll was conducted on April 4 and 8 among 1,325 Bangkok voters from different educational and occupational backgrounds.

Asked what factor would separate the winner from the losers, 44.75 per cent of voters pointed to the candidates' policies as the key determiner of the election result.

Next highest in the rankings came candidates’ qualifications or reputation (28.91%), voter bases (9.36%), supporters' authority (6.19%), campaign strategy (6.04%), media outlets' support (4%) and campaign budget (0.75%).

Asked what effect the political situation would have on voters' decisions, 31.25 per cent said a strong effect, 30.41 per cent said absolutely no effect, 24.38 per cent said a small effect and 13.96 per cent said no effect.

Independent candidate Chadchart Sittipunt maintained his status as frontrunner, according to the latest Nida public survey, conducted last Sunday (April 10). Second in the rankings was Aswin Kwanmuang, who resigned the Bangkok governorship he had held since 2016 to run in the election.

Published : April 17, 2022