Thu, August 11, 2022


How to vote in Bangkok on Sunday – even if you tested positive

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Covid-infected voters with mild symptoms will be allowed to cast their ballots in the Bangkok governor and council elections on Sunday (May 22), according to the Election Commission (EC).

This won’t be the first election held during the virus crisis, with the EC having conducted several local votes and by-elections during the pandemic.

On Sunday, polling stations will be specially prepared to handle Covid-positive voters.

Polling station officials will wear gloves, face shields and masks. They will also be told to social distance, avoid touching their faces, wash their hands regularly, bathe on returning home and monitor for symptoms for seven days.

Polling officials who are exposed to infection or develop symptoms will be advised to suspend duties and take a rapid antigen test.

All voters must take the following anti-Covid precautions:

1. Prepare alcohol gel and personal pen for marking vote.

2. Wear face mask in polling station.

3. Have temperature screened and hands cleansed at entrance of polling station. People with symptoms should cast their ballot at special polling booth.

4. Keep at least 1 metre away from others.

5. Cast ballot under official's supervision.

6. Cleanse hands with alcohol gel before leaving.

Meanwhile, Covid-infected and at-risk voters must also do the following:

1. Avoid public transport and use personal car or specially provided vehicle if possible.

2. Follow instructions, such as leaving home/quarantine facility at specified time and voting at special polling station.

3. Return to home/quarantine facility immediately after voting.

Published : May 17, 2022