Fri, July 01, 2022


Korn congratulates Chadchart as Bangkok governorship beckons

Kla Party leader Korn Chatikavanij congratulated Chadchart Sittipunt on Sunday evening as the vote count indicated the independent candidate was on course to be next Bangkok governor.

“Congratulations to Mr Chadchart for receiving overwhelming support from Bangkok voters,” Korn posted on Facebook. “He is a man of decisive intentions and strong preparation. I also admired his campaign for creating hope instead of hatred among people. It was truly a creative way of campaigning.”

Korn added that the Kla Party was willing to cooperate with Chadchart and the new city council to bring about major changes in Bangkok.

“I realise that people no longer want politicians who take sides but need someone to fix the economy, reduce debts and increase money in people’s pockets,” he said.

“One of the first problems for [Kla] party members on the city council to tackle will be rising prices of basic products.”

The Kla Party had no candidate for Bangkok governor but fielded candidates for the city council in 12 districts of the capital.

Published : May 22, 2022