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THURSDAY, September 29, 2022
Japanese tourist complains about dual pricing at hot spring, many netizens disagree

Japanese tourist complains about dual pricing at hot spring, many netizens disagree

WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2022
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A TikTok video posted by a Japanese tourist complaining about “inequality” at a Krabi hot spring after having to pay an entrance fee 10 times the amount locals are charged went viral overnight, with many netizens having their say on Tuesday.

The man posted the video after he visited Klong Thom hot spring, where he was charged a 200-baht entry fee as opposed to 20 baht for Thai visitors.

“A Japanese [tourist] feels the inequality in Thailand. I had to pay 200 baht while Thais pay only 20 baht,” he complained.

The video drew several comments in response, most disagreeing with the poster.

“I am Thai and I have paid tax to maintain this attraction,” one person responded.

“When Thais visit attractions abroad, we are charged more than locals too. This is a common practice,” another commented.

Meanwhile, Klong Thom Nua subdistrict administration organisation chief Sakhon Meekaew responded that the hot spring had been collecting entry fees at this rate for more than 10 years – Thai children 10 baht, adults 20 baht, foreign children 100 baht, foreign adults 200 baht.

“This is the same rate used at Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, another tourist attraction in Khlong Thom district,” he added.

Sakhon said the Japanese tourist has a right to voice his opinion, but he believed Thais who visit overseas attractions probably feel the same way.

“It is normal that foreign visitors must pay more than locals,” Sakhon felt.

Klong Thom hot spring is a saline hot spring about 46km south of Krabi Airport. The spring, which has a temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius with a small content of sulfur, is safe for visitors to bathe in.

The attraction comprises five hot spring pounds 1-1.5 metres deep and a five-metre-high waterfall.