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FRIDAY, December 09, 2022
Supermarkets, stores move towards eco-friendly packaging

Supermarkets, stores move towards eco-friendly packaging

SATURDAY, October 12, 2019

With department stores striving to move away from plastic waste, eco-friendly packaging made from paper pulp and plants instead of foam and plastic has increased by an encouraging 30 per cent.

Siriporn Dechsingha, Deputy Chief Executive of Corporate Communication at Siam Makro, recently launched the project “Say Hi to Bio, Say No to Foam: Using eco-friendly products to save the world” at its branches in 13 tourist destinations,
“We have so far distributed 80 per cent of non-bio packaging and products, and 20 per cent of bio packaging. We expect that the ratio of bio packaging will increase continually.”
Siriporn added that Makro is working with business partners to produce packaging from pulp lite and plant fibre as well as hybrid or semi bio packaging from plastic and paper that reduces plastic content by 60 per cent.
“Moreover, we will introduce new eco-friendly package designs every six months to add alternatives for customers with the aim of reducing our use of plastic by 100,000 kilograms per year,” said Siriporn
Meanwhile, director of operations of Tesco Lotus Salila Sihapan said that the supermarket chain has increased new eco-friendly single-use and reusable packaging by 20 per cent.
“Tesco Lotus has cooperated with SCG to develop and distribute single-use packaging products under the brands Fest and Grace which are made from eco-friendly materials in its hyper market branches nationwide. We also distribute cloth bags and shopping bags for use instead of plastic bags” said Salila.
Big C is also moving forward with its plans to reduce 100 million plastic bags in the next five years, according to its deputy chief executive Vipada Duangratana, who says the company also is aims to stop using foam packaging in all branches by the next year.
“Big C has developed packaging from natural material such as leaf sheaths of banana tree to pack vegetables instead of using foam package in 25 branches and plan to expand this to all branches nationwide.” said Vipada.