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SATURDAY, December 03, 2022
MP pictured looking at adult video:

MP pictured looking at adult video:

THURSDAY, September 17, 2020

Palang Pracharat Party MP Ronnathep Anuwat complained that someone was attempting to defame him after he was pictured looking at an adult video during a Parliament meeting on the Budget Procedures Act draft yesterday (September 16).

Anuwat said someone sent him a message asking for help, but when he clicked the message, it instead showed the video full of female nudity. A photo of him was captured at that precise moment, he said, so he believed someone was trying to defame him.

House Speaker Chuan Leekpai said he acknowledged the situation but could only warn Anuwat about it. This was a personal issue because the House did not prohibit MPs from watching any kind of media, Chuan added.

Moreover, no other MPs complained about it and if they did, the subject would be considered on the basis of whether or not it contradicted parliamentary ethics.

He said the public should separate personal matters from MPs’ duties as the situation was not so different from wearing masks, which was not mandatory.