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SATURDAY, December 09, 2023

Did pro-democracy view cost actress National Film Award nomination?

Did pro-democracy view cost actress National Film Award nomination?
FRIDAY, February 12, 2021

Netizens have raised questions over actress-singer Jennis Oprasert (aka Jennis BNK48) not being nominated for Best Actress at the Suphannahong National Film Awards, with some even suspecting political bias due to her pro-democracy point of view.


On Wednesday, the National Federation of Thai Film Associations revealed the names of nominated movies, actors and actresses for its awards to be presented at the end of this month.


Jennis, who acted in the drama movie "Where We Belong", was not among the five nominated.


The nominations stirred a debate among movie critics, fans and fanpage. Some netizens claimed that her role was memorable and the actress had been awarded on other stages – both domestic and international – such as Thai Film Director Award in Thailand and the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea.


Some even suspected that this case was linked to Jennis’s pro-democracy point of view.


In response to netizens’ questions, federation chairman Somchai Chatpattanasiri explained that to nominate actresses or actors, the committee had considered other factors related to the movies in addition to the performance, such as revenue collection.


Besides, he denied that the committee's consideration was related to the actress's political point of view.