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FRIDAY, December 09, 2022
Faulty Sinovac batch suspected after another stroke-like reaction

Faulty Sinovac batch suspected after another stroke-like reaction

THURSDAY, April 22, 2021

A nurse suffered a “stroke-like” allergic reaction after being injected with Sinovac vaccine in Lampang, the province’s Public Health Office reported on Thursday.

The vaccine reportedly came from the same batch that caused a similar side effect in six people in Rayong earlier this month.

“The recipient is a nurse at Lampang Hospital who was vaccinated on Wednesday,” said the office’s chief, Dr Prasert Kitsuwanrat.

“About 15 minutes after the vaccination, she showed symptoms of limb weakness, dizziness and vomiting. Her symptoms have improved over time. However, we have suspended use of the batch her vaccine came from, which was designated for 800 recipients.”

Forty other people vaccinated in Lampang on Wednesday were kept overnight at the hospital to monitor their symptoms. Dr Prasert said no allergic reactions were reported among this group, refuting rumours circulating on social media.

“The hospital will now continue vaccinating the rest of the target group as planned,” he added.

A source said that the Sinovac vaccine administered on Wednesday came from a batch with the lot number J202103002 and the serial number 81901420027937950764/10. The source said this was the same lot administered to six recipients in Rayong who suffered a similar “stroke-like” reaction earlier this month.

Lampang has been allotted 1,800 doses of Sinovac vaccine for people in at-risk groups. The province’s first batch of vaccine was administered to 400 medical professionals and 500 health volunteers, with no allergic reactions reported. The nurse’s allergic reaction came after vaccination with the second batch, which began in the province on Wednesday.