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MONDAY, November 28, 2022
Pattaya jogger runs into trouble for defying face-mask rule

Pattaya jogger runs into trouble for defying face-mask rule

THURSDAY, May 27, 2021

A video clip of a woman being warned for jogging along Pattaya beach in Chonburi without a face mask went viral on Thursday.

Chonburi made wearing face masks in public mandatory in January to contain the spread of Covid-19. Those who violate the rule can fined up to THB20,000.

The clip shows the bare-faced woman arguing with an official as he tries to persuade her to comply with the law. The woman points out that she is jogging in the open air, not in a confined or crowded area.

After a police car pulls up in the background, the woman finally relents and agrees to comply with measures by not visiting the area again.

The clip drew a flood of comments – most of them critical – after being shared by a well-known social media page. The woman featured later posted an apology for her actions.

However, some netizens voiced support for her behaviour, saying that wearing a face mask while jogging can obstruct breathing and might lead to fainting.