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THURSDAY, December 08, 2022
Private sector agreed on the country opening: FTI poll

Private sector agreed on the country opening: FTI poll

FRIDAY, October 01, 2021

The survey by the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) revealed that the private sector supported the country opening and lockdown easing.

FTI vice-chairman Wirat Uanarumit revealed the result of the tenth FTI Poll in August.

The CEO Survey asked 150 executives. 45 of them were industry executives and 76 of them were FTI provincial chapters.

The survey asked seven questions which were:

1. Do you agree with the country opening and lockdown easing plan from October to November?
• Agree (78.0%)
• Disagree (22.0%)

2. Which factor should be considered for the country opening.
• At least 70 per cent of the population must be vaccinated with two doses (86%)
• Screening measure for people who enter the country (66.7%)
• Effect with economy and citizens’ livelihood (62.7%)
• Public health readiness in each area (59.3%)

3. How should the government manage the Covid-19 situation and economy
• Easing business and Covid-19 measure, use it only as necessary (73.3%)
• Strict measures in disease control (14%)
• Hasten country opening, prioritise economic recovery (12.7%)

4. The most suitable way for the country opening
• Travellers must stay in sandbox areas for 14 days, travellers allowed to visit other destinations after tested negative after 14 days (44.7%)
• Open all over the country for travel bubble countries without quarantine (26.0%)
• Open only sandbox areas (16.7%)
• Allowed to travel all over the country but must be quarantined for 14 days (12.6%)

5. What should the government prioritise to prepare for country opening
• Hasten the vaccination for citizens (70.0%)
• Create knowledge and understanding for citizens (69.3%)
• Monitor travellers with information and communications technology (67.3%)
• Prepare for RT-PCR test and provide Antigen test kit (63.3%)

6. What the government support after the country opening
• Skip payment without additional interest for tourism and related business for six months (76.0%)
• Extend curfew and easing measures for restaurant and entertainment venues (74.0%)
• Introduce measures to support tourism, exhibition, and conference in the country (54.0%)
• Cut utility bills and support renting costs for tourism and related business (50.7%)

7. How the business sector should prepare for country opening
• Adjust business model with consumer behaviour (73.3%)
• Adapt digital technology to use in the business (71.3%)
• Develop goods and services while prioritising hygiene and apply for hygiene standards (66.0%)
• Follow bubble and seal measures in a factory to reduce risks (57.3%)