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THURSDAY, December 08, 2022
Air quality expected to be ‘good’ across New Year holidays

Air quality expected to be ‘good’ across New Year holidays

THURSDAY, December 30, 2021

The Pollution Control Department’s Centre for Air Pollution Mitigation said on Wednesday that it expected the air quality in all regions of Thailand to be at a “good” level on average during the New Year holidays, based on its 7-day air quality forecast from December 30 to January 5.

“The daily air quality report of December 29 found that PM2.5 [dust particles measuring 2.5 microns in diameter] readings in different regions of the country are all within the safety standard, or not exceeding 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air [μg/m3],” said department director-general Atthaphol Charoenchansa.

The readings are:

• Greater Bangkok: 10 to 32μg/m3

• North: 9 to 31μg/m3

• Northeast: 5 to 22μg/m3

• Central region and West: 10 to 29μg/m3

• East: 9 to 16μg/m3

• South: 8 to 20μg/m3

As for the next seven days, the department estimated that air quality would be in the “excellent to good level” in most areas.

However, in some areas of big cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, the air quality on January 4 and 5 could be in the moderate to poor level due to an increase in the number of vehicles heading back from other provinces.

Air quality expected to be ‘good’ across New Year holidays

“There have been reports circulating on social media that the air quality during New Year holidays will worsen, with an exceeding amount of PM2.5,” said Atthaphol. “We have checked these reports and found that they had collected samples from limited areas during brief periods, which could result in an inaccurate air quality assessment.”

Atthaphol added that the department has been using standard air sensors made by the National Research Council of Thailand to ensure accurate readings and credible forecasts.

People can monitor air quality via the websites and or the Air4Thai and AirBKK applications.