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TUESDAY, November 29, 2022
BlackPink’s Lalisa tops K-pop Instagram list with 70 million-plus followers

BlackPink’s Lalisa tops K-pop Instagram list with 70 million-plus followers

FRIDAY, January 14, 2022

K-pop band BlackPink’s only Thai member, Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban, has broken the record of the world’s most popular South Korean pop star with more than 70 million followers on Instagram.

Other members of BlackPing and the all-boy band BTS were also part of the top 10 K-pop stars, with each having tens of millions of followers.

Lalisa is one of a handful of non-Koreans who have made it big in the world of K-pop, which has become a global trend in recent years.

Born in Thailand’s Buri Ram province, K-pop’s favourite dancer/rapper Lalisa has apparently made time to help her band members with their own Instagram accounts, South Korean news outlet Seoulspace said recently.


She is also heavily involved with fashion and beauty, and her Instagram feed is proof of that. Her account passed the 50 million followers mark in April 2021 and is now nearing 75 million with 71.5 million as of press time.

Other members of her band are catching up with Jennie having won 60.1 million followers, Jisoo 53.4 million and New Zealand-born, Australia-raised Rosé coming in a close third with 53.3 million followers.

According to Seoulspace, entertainment companies specialising in K-pop train their artists on how to manage their social media channels.

Groups like Big Bang, EXO, SNSD, BTS and BlackPink all have special social-media accounts that are part of the record labels’ marketing strategy and a way for the idols to connect with their fans.

It is still unclear if K-pop stars are in full control of their social media account or if it is managed by their entertainment company.