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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
Owner confident court will spare Bluedragon online lottery platform

Owner confident court will spare Bluedragon online lottery platform

TUESDAY, April 12, 2022

The owner of Bluedragon, an online lottery selling platform, said on Tuesday that he was confident his platform would not be shut down by the Criminal Court.

Pachara Messiyaporn was speaking to reporters before entering the court on Ratchadapisek Road to attend a hearing.

The Digital Economy and Society Ministry recently filed a criminal lawsuit against Bluedragon and Pachara for allegedly selling overpriced lottery tickets.

The platform owner said on Tuesday that he was glad the case has gone to court and was confident he would receive justice.

“I have faith in the judicial system. We have been doing our business straightforwardly and using our own know-how in building a good platform for the best interest of the people,” he said. “So, I’m 100 per cent confident the court will not close my platform.”

Pachara was arrested at a luxury estate in Nonthaburi last week before being released on bail. He faces four charges, namely uploading fake data into a computer system, operating a direct marketing platform without registration, releasing fake or exaggerated advertisements, and overpricing lottery tickets.

Owner confident court will spare Bluedragon online lottery platform His lawyer Anantachai Chaiyadej said the defendant would explain to the court that Bluedragon is the only online platform for lottery vendors and that Pachara and the platform have nothing to do with the prices.

Anantachai said Pachara and a defence witness would testify, while three policemen would testify from the plaintiff’s side.

He said the defendant would also present a video clip of a former director of the Government Lottery Office telling a House committee that Bluedragon was a legal business that helped sellers find buyers.