Do not sit with your feet crossed, BTS Skytrain urges passengers


The operator of Bangkok’s Skytrain has urged passengers to mind their manners by not crossing their legs while sitting, saying their feet could inadvertently brush against or hit standing passengers.

“Please cooperate by not sitting with your legs crossed inside the BTS Skytrain,” Bangkok Mass Transit System PCL posted on its BTS Facebook page on Wednesday.

“The page admin would like to seek cooperation from passengers to not cross your legs while sitting especially when the train is crowed because your leg may unknowingly hit standing passengers.”

The post also urged passengers to give up their seats to the people who need to sit, such as the sick, the disabled, children and pregnant women.

Reactions from Facebook users indicated many Skytrain passengers are fed up with the "nasty behaviour".

The post gained more than 3,400 likes and was shared over 450 times, receiving some 540 comments by noon on Thursday.

Many netizens urged the BTS to make a regular announcement via the onboard public address system because they have always encountered passengers seated crossed-legged.

“I come across this behaviour every time,” said a Facebook user going by the name of Anuch Homchan.

“Please make an announcement through the onboard PA system,” another FB user named Alexander Lynn commented. “I have seen many passengers sitting with their legs crossed. They act as if they are travelling in a personal vehicle.”

Another user Pat Putsawad noted: “There were also those sitting with legs spread wide, as if they were alone.”

User Muttamas Wongwanich sought some form of retaliation, writing: “Let’s walk past and hit their legs to let them know they are blocking the way.”

And user Nalinee Apipan commented: “The tip of the seated passenger’s foot hits the shin of a standing passenger. The train is already crowded and now we have to avoid feet too.”