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MONDAY, December 05, 2022
Diesel retail price capped at THB34.94 again this week

Diesel retail price capped at THB34.94 again this week

TUESDAY, June 28, 2022

The Oil Fuel Fund’s executive committee on Monday agreed to keep the price of diesel capped at 34.94 baht.

Pornchai Jirakulpaisal, chief of the Oil Fuel Fund Office's policy and strategy arm, said the aim is to help ease people’s cost of living amid the energy price crisis.

“We maintained this price from last week as we believe the Oil Fuel Fund still has enough liquidity to subside diesel,” he added.

Without this subsidy, the price of diesel will cross the 45 baht per litre mark.

As of Monday (June 27), the Oil Fuel Fund’s deficit is at the highest ever at 102.58 billion baht, of which 65.2 billion baht shortfall is in the oil account and 37.38 billion baht in the liquified petroleum gas account. The fund has around 3.31 billion baht for cash flow.

The retail per litre price of diesel in Bangkok is as follows:

• Hi-premium B7: 46.36 baht (OR), 47.86 baht (Bangchak)

• B7: 34.94 baht

• B10: 34.94 baht

• B20: 34.94 baht