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THURSDAY, November 30, 2023

Thai military exercises with China 'not linked to Taiwan'

Thai military exercises with China 'not linked to Taiwan'
TUESDAY, August 16, 2022

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) clarified on Tuesday that joint military exercises with China are not related to the current tensions with Taiwan.

Air Force spokesman Air Vice-Marshal Prapas Sornjaidee said on Tuesday that the Falcon Strike 2022 exercises had been planned two years in advance and it was being continued for the fifth year.

He said that the training is not a secret as China had sent their soldiers from Kunming to train with Thailand. He said that the world must live together with love and peace, while each sector should find a solution together by talking.

From the military aspect, he said that soldiers around the world practise together on different terrain to exchange experiences and learn together because soldiers speak the same language.

He said Thailand has trained with China, the US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

From the perspective of international relationship aspect, Prapas said it is a different aspect from military relations. He repeated that soldiers always trained together and these exercises were not based on any situation.

Thai military exercises with China 'not linked to Taiwan'

Prapas also told people not to worry if the exercises would affect the F-35 deal with the US because it is a different subject and there is a contract on which country it could be used to train with.