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SATURDAY, December 02, 2023

Motorcycle taxis accelerate protest against GrabBike services

Motorcycle taxis accelerate protest against GrabBike services
THURSDAY, August 18, 2022

Some 100 motorcycle taxi riders gathered at the Land Transport Department (DLT) to demand that it put the brakes on GrabBike services and stop riders with white licence plates from registering for yellow ones.

The group first came together at Victory Monument on Thursday before moving to the Transport Ministry to inquire about the “progress” of shutting down GrabBike and yellow plate registrations.

Motorcycle Taxi Association of Thailand representative Santi Patipanrat said it were capitalists who stand to benefit as riders provided services through an application and they could get customers anywhere.

Santi added that he will not negotiate with the authorities any more if the issue does not come to an acceptable conclusion.

Another representative, Chamnan Cherdchai, argued that riders who follow the rules have lost 30 to 40 per cent of income because of a limited service area.

He said the association requested the DLT to shut down illegal applications and punish unauthorised riders. It also disagreed with extending the period for allowing illegal riders to register.

Motorcycle taxis accelerate protest against GrabBike services

Chamnan asked the Transport Ministry to help by creating an application to improve competition.

Santi dispatched 10 representatives to meet with Wirach Pimpanit, adviser to Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob, and officials from the DLT and related organisations.