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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
Plan to record all court proceedings approved

Plan to record all court proceedings approved

WEDNESDAY, July 19, 2017
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The National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) has approved a report suggesting the use of an audio-visual recording system during court proceedings.

At its meeting on Tuesday, the NRSA voted 125-1, with nine abstentions, to approve the report proposed by the committee on legal and justice system reform for the adoption of visual and audio recording systems in all courts.
In the report, the committee said it hoped that the measure would ensure fairness and enhance efficiency in the delivery of justice to the people.
Committee chairman Khemchai Chutiwong told the meeting that the current process of transcribing court proceedings could miss points made in witnesses’ statements, which may result in limited information being brought before the Appeals Court or the Supreme Court to consider later.
He said that audio and visual recordings would enable judges to obtain all available facts, while helping ensure transparency in the courtrooms and making it easier for court clerks to efficiently classify and keep records of all proceedings.
Many NRSA members voiced their support for the recommendation, although some noted that care must be taken to ensure the confidentiality of all information.