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TUESDAY, December 06, 2022
Prawit to get strategic with Phalang Pracharat starting next week

Prawit to get strategic with Phalang Pracharat starting next week

THURSDAY, August 15, 2019

Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan said on Thursday that he would start working as the chairman of the coalition-leading Phalang Pracharat Party’s strategic committee next week.

Prawit spoke to reporters before chairing a meeting of the National Environment Board at Government House.
When asked about measures to make sure MPs would attend House meetings to prevent defeat of the opposition in House votes, Prawit said he had not yet taken responsibility as the chair of the party’s strategic committee. He said he would start working in the party’s post next Tuesday (August 20).
He said he needs to study in detail the issue of double defeats of the coalition during House votes.
When the House recently deliberated and voted on each article of the meeting regulations for the second reading, the coalition vote was twice beaten by the opposition. In the first tally, it lost by one vote, while it was defeated by 11 votes for the second vote.
When Prawit was asked whether he would prevent Phalang Pracharat MPs from making provincial trips on House meeting days, he replied that he had not yet taken up the responsibilities of the chief strategist.
Prawit nodded to reporters when asked whether the strategic committee included Anucha Nakasai, Parina Kraikupti and Wathanya Wongopasi as members.
Prawit is seen as the government’s manager and political observers see his appointment to the party’s chief strategist position as a measure to control Phalang Pracharat MPs and keep them in line.