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FRIDAY, December 02, 2022
Vat Phou ranked top tourist destination by Chinese website

Vat Phou ranked top tourist destination by Chinese website

MONDAY, February 01, 2016

VIENTIANE - Champassak provincial authorities have announced that the Vat Phou temple complex has been ranked as a “top choice” tourist destination for two consecutive years by a Chinese website.

Due to its popularity, the second world heritage site in Laos has been voted as “Top Choice 2015 and 2016” after receiving positive reviews by Chinese website judges and Asian visitors.
Head of the Vat Phou World Heritage Office, Mr Oudomsy Keosaksith, told Vientiane Times on Friday “The website has congratulated us on Vat Phou temple having been voted as the ‘Top Choice' destination.”
Communications Manager for the website Ms Rita Chen said “The top choice ranking system includes four independent evaluations: tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and stores.”
“A special medal is designed for each category and is awarded once a year. Every year all qualified medalists already selected in the previous year are re-evaluated, and are added to the new qualified candidates of this year.” is an authentic and professional tourist information website that provides overall travel information, published in Chinese.
On the website, each tourist attraction enjoys an individual webpage, where tourists can find useful practical information including GPS maps and photos.
The Vat Phou temple complex is located in Champassak province and was listed as Laos' second World Heritage Site in 2001.
According to a UNESCO report, the Vat Phou temple is a remarkably well-preserved planned landscape more than 1,000 years old. It was shaped to express the Hindu vision of the relationship between nature and humanity, using an axis from hilltop to riverbank to lay out a geometric pattern of temples.
Vat Phou bears exceptional testimony to the cultures of South-East Asia, in particular the Khmer Empire.
Mr Oudomsy said over 60,000 tourists visited Vat Phou in 2015, an increase of 10 percent compared to the previous year. However, Chinese tourists represented only 10 percent of the total figure.
“I'm optimistic that more Chinese will visit Vat Phou in the near future because this site is being promoted through the Chinese website,” he said.
“Tourists can enjoy a number of facilities while visiting Vat Phou including coffee and souvenir shops, a museum and tour buses.”
Champassak provincial authorities are preparing to mark the 15th anniversary of Vat Phou being declared Laos' second World Heritage Site.
An official ceremony will take place from February 20-22. Other related activities such as a trade fair will take place from February 16.
The grand event will feature a number of activities including parades, sports and cultural performances. A cultural performance group from India has confirmed its participation.
Performance troupes from neighbouring countries including Vietnam and Thailand have been invited to attend but have yet to confirm their presence.