Tue, November 30, 2021


[Japan] Emperor delivers 2021 New Year message

The Emperor expressed his gratitude to medical workers battling against the novel coronavirus and also showed concern over social discrimination and prejudice triggered by the pandemic in his New Year message to the public.

The annual message is usually delivered directly to members of the public who gather at the Imperial Palace, but it was to be released in video form this time as a measure against the spread of infections.

The Emperor began by expressing his condolences for those affected by heavy rain in July and their families, and then for people who had lost their lives due to the coronavirus and their families.

He expressed his “deep respect and gratitude to doctors, nurses and others involved in medical care for their devotion to medical activities day and night to save the lives of many patients,” and also expressed his concern over the increasing burden on health care professionals.

Regarding the spread of infections, the Emperor touched on “drastic changes” in daily life, with many people thrown into difficult situations such as losing their jobs and homes, and the difficulty of simultaneously handling both infection-prevention and economic activities.

While he was encouraged by dedicated support among the public toward people facing concern, saying, “There are problems such as discrimination and prejudice against those who are infected, and those engaged in medical treatment and their families.

“In this difficult time, I believe that the day will surely come when people will be able to live in peace with a firm hope for the future, and I sincerely hope that everyone will continue to advance while helping and supporting each other with compassion,” he said.

The Empress also recorded a short message, in which she expressed similar sentiments.

Published : January 01, 2021

By : The Japan News/ANN