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SUNDAY, October 02, 2022
China denies helping Myanmar to build firewall, sending IT experts and soldiers

China denies helping Myanmar to build firewall, sending IT experts and soldiers

THURSDAY, February 18, 2021
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Chen Hai, Chinese ambassador to Myanmar, denied the news about China helping Myanmar to build firewalls and sending IT experts and soldiers, according to a statement from Chinese embassy on February 16.

“We have noticed reports about the Chinese government sending IT experts using Chinese planes to Myanmar to build its own firewall security system and Chinese soldiers are seen on the streets in Myanmar. They are totally nonsense and the rumours about Chinese helping the Myanmar coup are laughable,” he said.

The planes they are trying to accuse are just cargo planes operating between Myanmar and China regularly. They were run 15 to 18 times daily before the COVID-19 and now it is reduced to about five times daily. Most of the cargos are seafood sent from Myanmar to China, he said.

The photos showing IT experts, weapons and spices from China, which spread around in social media are fake ones, he continued.

He added the rumours like these will not come out in the future.

He hoped that Myanmar would find a solution for disagreements in line with the Constitution and law to keep stability in politics and society. He does not expect instability and confusing situations and it will be on the political path by negotiations.

He said they noticed that the protestors staged demonstrations against the military coup in front of foreign embassies and international organizations based in Myanmar and they understand about their voices.