Tuesday, July 27, 2021


[Myanmar] Martial law imposed in Hlinethaya and Shwepyitha townships

Martial law has been imposed in Hlinethaya and Shwepyitha townships of Yangon Region as per Section 419 of the Constitution.



The State Administration Council issued the order No.1/2021 dated March 14, 2021 imposing martial law in Hlinethaya and Shwepyitha townships.

To be able to take more effective measures for the security, rule of law and community peace and tranquility, the order says that the Yangon Region Command Commander has been entrusted with administrative, judicial and military powers under Section 419 of the Constitution. The Commander has the authority to exercise martial law by himself or assign duties to regional military commanding officers depending on the situation.  

As per the martial law, any cases in defiance of the order issued by the government or the military commander will be heard via court martial. Regardless of the existing laws, anyone guilty of a crime decided by the court martial shall face death penalty, life imprisonment or a prison sentence of not less than three years plus labour and fine.

Published : March 15, 2021

By : Eleven Media/ANN