Tue, December 07, 2021


Slight decline in new Covid-19 cases and deaths in Asean

For the second successive day, Southeast Asia saw a decline in new Covid-19 cases and deaths, collated data showed.

There were 29,193 new cases on Monday, lower than Sunday’s 29,907, and 537 deaths against 558 the previous day.

The number of Covid-19 cases in Asean crossed 4.56 million and the death toll rose to 88,656.

Indonesia reported 14,536 new cases and 294 deaths on Monday, taking cumulative cases in the country above the 2 million mark, while the death toll rose to 54,956.

The government announced the enforcement of disease control measures in areas that have high infection rate for 14 days, from June 22 to July 5.

The Philippines reported 5,249 new cases and 128 deaths on Monday, the second highest in the region.

Cumulative cases in the country increased to 1,364,239 with 23,749 deaths.

The Philippine president said that the wearing of both face mask and face shield when inside and outside buildings was mandatory and would continue to be enforced in crowded areas.

Published : June 22, 2021