Mon, October 18, 2021


Myanmar military extends ceasefire period for five more months

The Office of Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services announced on September 27th that military[Tatmadaw] will be suspending its military operations until February 28th of 2022.

There are totaling 15 facts in the military's announcement. Some facts are the military announced the statements on ceasefire and perpetual peace 20 times from December 21st of 2018 to September 27th . During the period of more than two years and nine months, the Tatmadaw built a ceasefire and perpetual peace.

Moreover, the announcement reported that not only the meeting between the Union Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the ASEAN Special Envoy on Myanmar affairs but also some EAOs welcomed the further urging of the ceasefire. The government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has ceased the firing. Vaccination for prevention of COVID-19 is being undertaken for the people residing in the EAOs areas, people from internally displaced person camps and Bengalis in Rakhine State.

As a gesture of hailing the Diamond Jubilee Union Day which will fall soon, the government issued a statement to further extend the five-month suspension of military operations of the Tatmadaw from October 1st of 2021 to February 28th of 2022 with the aim of effectively carrying out prevention, control and treatment activities of COVID-19 across Myanmar, restoring the perpetual peace in the entire nation and boosting the peace process, except for the period of security for life and property of the people, secure and smooth transportation in addition to the State defence and administrative measures across Myanmar in addition to undermining the security and administrative machinery of the government throughout the nation.

Published : September 29, 2021