Sun, October 17, 2021


Myanmar govt. temporarily suspends vehicles’ import to reduce the use of foreign currency

The import of vehicles will be temporarily suspended from October 1 to reduce the use of foreign currency, announced Directorate of Trade.

The statement said that the import of passenger vehicles will be suspended from October 1 in order to reduce the use of foreign currency in connection with the import of goods due to the country's declining exports and the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak which has led to business delays.

Imports from motor vehicle sales centers and showrooms, and the issuance of individual import car permits for individual employees who have been approved by the relevant departments for those, who have been awarded the good civil servant badge, good military service badge and good police service badge, are temporarily suspended.

The statement also said that the opening of a new car sales center has also been suspended from October 1.

Published : October 02, 2021