Sat, December 04, 2021


KNU issues a statement on Oct 15 and calls for immediate release of all detainees including political leaders

The Karen National Union (KNU) issued a statement on October 15 urging the military to release all those detained including political leaders as quickly as possible and make an official statement on  establishing a federal democratic nation. 

KNU issued the statement on the 6th anniversary of Nationwide Cease Fire Agreement (NCA). It has been 6 years that KNU signed the NCA , and  committed to solve the over 70 years long political problems peacefully through political dialogue, which was not resolved by the successive governments.

In the NCA implementation, KNU along with the implementation partners have firmly and tirelessly overcome many challenges. KNU achieved the gradual trend of establishing a federal democracy country beyond 2020 through the Three Steps and Three Phases approach in the Union Accord.

But, military took over in February 1, 2021breached all NCA’s principles and stopped the NCA implementation, so that the military returns to dictatorship with the use of coercive force for solving what are political problems.

As a result, all citizens and ethnic people are suffering from many socio-economic related problems resulting from the various forms of oppression, and the country face collapse. The KNU stands on the principle of “solving political problems by political means”. However, according to our experience in the implementation of the NCA, to achieve this it totally depends on the stakeholders’ honesty and commitment to comply with the agreement.

1.    To release unconditionally those detainees including political leaders detained following the coup.

2.    To withdraw police and military troops back to their station bases throughout the country and to declare and practically implement a nationwide ceasefire.

3.    Focus immediately on implementation of humanitarian activities freely with the help of international support, remove restrictions on all medical treatment including COVID-19 vaccination, protection and treatment. 

4.    Release firm orders for the provision of civilian protection to be followed by the police and military forces, and broad international monitoring process through international observers.

5.    Accept UN supported international mediation for the ending of the military rule, and negotiation for the transfer of power to an inclusive and participative unity government with representation from all key stakeholders who are committed to federalism and solving the over 70 years long internal political conflict, rooted problems and causes.

6.    Tamadaw to declare officially its commitment to a federal democratic state and its withdrawal from politics. 

KNU firmly believes that Myanmar’s diversity of ethnicity and religion, its history of chauvinism and dictatorship, the problems of Myanmar can only be solved and a peaceful; society can only be achieved by building a federal state and applying democratic practices.

Published : October 17, 2021

By : Eleven Media