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WEDNESDAY, February 08, 2023
Bomb blasts kill 2, injure nearly 40 during a pro-military rally in Tachilek

Bomb blasts kill 2, injure nearly 40 during a pro-military rally in Tachilek

THURSDAY, February 03, 2022

Two people died and nearly 40 others were wounded when two bombs exploded during a rally in support of the State Administration Council (SAC) on Old Hospital Road in Makao Kham Ward, Tachilek, eastern Shan State, at about 12 noon on February 1, according to local sources.

The incident happened when two unidentified men arrived on a motorbike and threw two bombs into the crowd, killing two men instantly and wounding 40 others. Four of the injured are reportedly in critical condition.

“When the rally participants arrived on Old Hospital Road, bombs exploded. Two died at the scene. Nearly 40 people were injured. About four are in serious condition. Among the injured were two workers from a nearby car parts shop. Mostly, those holding flags got injured. Anyway, I want to live in peace,” said a nearby resident.

Moreover, two unexploded bombs were discovered on Shan Yoma ground where the rally was held.

Local charity organizations were helping and sending the injured people to hospitals.

The pro-SAC rally was held on Shan Yoma ground in Tachilek. The participants marched from the ground to No (1) Friendship Bridge and back to the ground, chanting pro-SAC slogans. The rally with 199 people was held after reportedly seeking permission from authorities.  It was attended by Arkhar, Lahu and Bamar people.

Local sources say four bombs have exploded in the town of Tachilek this year.

By Pyae Sone (Muse)