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MONDAY, December 05, 2022
New US 'Indo-Pacific strategy' poses a threat to Asia, Chinese embassy says

New US 'Indo-Pacific strategy' poses a threat to Asia, Chinese embassy says

TUESDAY, February 22, 2022

The new US “Indo-Pacific strategy”, aimed at containing China, undermines the stability, development and cooperation of the region, and features obviously malicious motives and ill intentions, a spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand said on Tuesday.

The spokesperson’s written statement came in response to a Thai NGO’s question regarding China’s stance on the new version of the US’ "Indo-Pacific Strategy".

“A Thai NGO sent a letter to the Chinese Embassy in Thailand on February 21, criticising the United States for desperately stirring up troubles in the region, using various means to hype up the complexity of the situation, fabricating disinformation, and inciting divisions and confrontations among countries,” the spokesperson said in a press release.

“The letter also pointed out that the new version of the ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ that the United States has just released claimed that stability in Asia means that the United States must be the leader and China cannot play a role.

“The United States claims to advance “freedom and openness” in the region, but is in fact forming an exclusive clique through Aukus and Quad. It asserts to strengthen regional security, but is generating grave nuclear proliferation risks that would undermine regional peace and stability. It professes to promote regional prosperity, but is stoking opposition and confrontation between regional countries, which undercut the Asean-centred regional cooperation architecture that has formed over the years, and poses a serious threat to regional cooperation outcomes and development prospects.

"If the US ‘Indo-Pacific strategy’ evolves without being reined in, this region would no longer be the centre of the world economy growth, but probably be reduced to another new source of turbulence,” the statement said.

“Maintaining regional peace and promoting common development is the common call of countries in the region. Any ‘strategy’ that resurrects the Cold War mentality and bloc politics will inevitably be greeted with nothing but vigilance and rejection from the people of all countries,” said the spokesperson.

“China adheres to the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind and is committed to the neighbourhood diplomacy of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness. China always supports the centrality of Asean. China is willing to continue to work with countries in the region, including Thailand, to further enhance mutual trust, deepen cooperation, boost coordination, and eliminate interference, so as to give lasting and durable impetus to Asia’s peace, development and cooperation,” added the spokesperson.