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The facts behind Tukkie's new job

Jul 04. 2012
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Comedienne Sudarat "Tukkie" Butrprom has set things straight regarding her deal with Mistine cosmetics, hopefully putting an end to all the gossipy speculation - and rude comments.

People whose lifeblood is the social media assumed that she’d be joining A-list actresses Patcharapa “Aum” Chaichua, Kemmanij “Pancake” Jamikorn, Araya “Chompoo” Hargate and Araya “Yaya” Urassaya as a presenter for the products. Many didn’t think it was such a hot idea.

In fact, Tukkie says, she’ll be appearing mostly in Facebook ads recruiting salespeople for Mistine – not selling any specific lipstick or face powder on TV like the other girls.

“I’m the one you send a message to if you want to be richer than me. You can become a Mistine salesperson!”

And she got the job, at least in part, because she actually used to do direct sales for Mistine.

So no big billboards with Tukkie’s face. She’s pretty modest about the whole project and also easygoing about the snide remarks online about her being less “beautiful” than the usual Mistine ladies.

“I’m a positive-thinking kind of person, so I don’t get upset if people compare me with others. I know I’m not beautiful, but I can’t help that my face ‘logo’ is like this. If the fans like me, I’d rather have them love my work instead of my looks.”

Regardless, getting the Mistine contract was a thrill – Tukkie quickly shared the news with Pancake, who was delighted for her – and a nice goose for the old bank account.

“People wonder if I’m getting the same fee as Aum. I don’t know, but now I can buy my dad a tour bus for his birthday!”

Tukkie’s ad hasn’t been unveiled publicly yet but TV host Woody Milintajinda has seen it. He says it sums up why Mistine wanted the comedienne for this promotion. “When she says, ‘Ting nong samak dai loey’ [“Ring, apply now”], it kind of brings smiles to people’s faces.”

Tukkie, says Woody, is someone who can really win hearts.


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