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Plants have no nervous system, can't feel pain

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David Brown makes a pitiful effort to defend meat-eating by suggesting plants feel pain. For the "one-millionth" time, the No 1 destroyer of plants is the meat industry.

So when Brown gloats about how much he enjoys his steak dinner, does he give one minute of thought to how many plants are destroyed when his friends in the cattle industry burn down tropical rainforests? (And it’s a big fat lie when fast-food chains say they know with certainty that their beef didn’t come from Central America).
Since plants don’t have a centralised nervous system, it is irresponsible to assume that they could possibly suffer and feel pain the way an animal does. There is a tremendous difference between hypothetical possibilities (it’s hypothetically possible pigs will grow wings) and proven scientific fact. 
Eric Bahrt
Chiang Mai

Published : November 15, 2015