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More outrages perpetrated against beer drinkers 

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As a long-term supporter of the Thai brewing industry, I find it necessary to vent my outrage yet again at the atrocities perpetrated  against the nation’s beer drinkers.

Last year, readers will recall, Singha replaced its 630ml bottle with the hated 500ml bottle, which unscrupulous restaurateurs touted as “large”. However, to give the brewery its due, the larger bottle was reinstated before people took to the streets.
At about the same time, Chang Brewery took the extraordinary marketing step of ditching its popular Lite, Draught and Export products. It left only the “Classic”, which was watered down to 5.5 per cent alcohol and issued in bottles and cans reduced in size by 10ml. We were thus deprived of that vital last watered-down mouthful.
It just got worse. While stocking up for the festive season, I noted to my horror that the “stolen last mouthful” scam has spread to other 
beers. Singha, Tiger, San Miguel Lite and even humble Archa are now issued in 320ml cans. Leo is still available in 330ml size, but for how much longer? If these trends continue, I foresee a miserable future in which we are sipping pure water out of thimbles.
This is just the pretext that a belligerent President Trump might use to intervene in our glorious nation’s affairs, and I call on our prime minister-general to take resolute Article 44 action against the Thai breweries before it’s too late.
Nigel Pike

Published : November 15, 2016