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Motorbikes minus taillights are accidents waiting to happen

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Crashes involving motorbikes account for most of the road accidents in Thailand, especially during national holidays.

I have 25 years of driving experience on Thai roads, and in the last three or four years I have noticed a rise in the number of motorbikes, most of them with pillion riders. Increasingly I see families with babies, school kids and grown-ups riding their Japanese bikes. They all have functioning headlights, brake lights and indicators – but so many of them have no taillights! 
Imagine this scene: Early evening, dark road, light rain and a speeding Toyota pickup with 40-per-cent tinted windscreen and 60-per-cent tinted windows. Ahead, on a Kawasaki 120cc, is a young family with their four-year-old daughter. They are wearing helmets – but there’s no taillight! They are almost invisible to pickup driver. The impact is horrific. Three broken, dead bodies. And their second-hand motorbike without a taillight. 
Count the number of bikes without taillights next time you’re out driving after dark. 
John K Lindgren 
“Auto” editor at Pattaya Today 

Published : January 05, 2017