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FRIDAY, October 07, 2022
Don’t drink it unless you know it was derived humanely

Don’t drink it unless you know it was derived humanely

THURSDAY, May 11, 2017

Jenny Moxham notes the connection between the dairy and veal industry.

There are well-meaning people who won’t eat veal because of the horrible way veal calves are treated, yet won’t think twice about drinking a glass of factory-farmed dairy milk. But as Jenny noted, it’s those in the dairy industry who snatch the new-born calf from it’s mother and hand it over to people who put the calf in a dark tiny crate where he will not have enough room to turn around. And he will remain there until it’s time to go to the slaughterhouse. He will also be deprived of solid food, sunshine and proper nourishment.
Mahatma Gandhi used to milk his own goats to make sure they were treated humanely. But for the rest of us, unless we can be certain our milk was derived humanely, it is best to avoid it. Remember, there is no species in the world which needs to drink the milk of other species.
Eric Bahrt
Chiang Mai