Mon, August 08, 2022


EU leaders have submitted to an alien invasion 

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As the old adage says, people get the government they deserve. Conversely, a country’s leaders are indicative of the level of awareness, backbone and moral fibre of the people.

Just a cursory glance across the Western hemisphere leaves one in a state of despair. When an alien ideology or foreign power declares war on a democratic civilisation it is the fundamental duty of national leaders to lead a rise in defence. Not to do so is at best weakness or either cowardice or treason at worst.
Across Europe national leaders, under the EU leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have submitted to an alien invasion by the anti-democratic ideology of Islam. The same leadership responds to the evil, murderous activity of the invaders by crying about it after their atrocities have been committed. Where is the patriotic Churchillian backbone that denied Nazi fascism? Make no mistake, fascism is fascism whether fronted with tanks and aircraft or economic scroungers with evil intent claiming refugee status. This ideology of fascism must be repulsed. 
Globalist Islamic fascism has been promoted in the USA for eight years by President Obama and in Europe by Chancellor Merkel. Their destruction of Western civilisation is nothing short of treason. So what does this tell us about the people? What sort of population supports treasonous behaviour by their leader in Germany by allowing her to remain in power? At least a majority the Americans woke up in time but the Brits seem to have little nerve for a fight, only commiseration.
Our fellow mammals can suffer from Bovine Spungiform Encepalothepy, BSE. It is a transmissible disease that seriously affects cerebral function.  With Western democratic civilisation in a state of total self-destruct, committing suicide, as we watch in pain, perhaps there is some proof of BSE’s transmissible ability.
JC Wilcox

Published : June 10, 2017