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Vegetarianism is a health issue, veganism is a cult

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Re: “When it comes to cancer, listen carefully for quacks”, Have Your Say, June 17

Once again Eric Bahrt expects us to believe something is true because he says so. (Ha ha.)
He unequivocally said that Dr Dean Ornish’s low-fat “vegan” diet halted prostate cancer. Actually, Dr Ornish suggested lifestyle changes may halt prostrate cancer growth and may even reverse heart disease (notice the word “may”). The lifestyle changes combine a vegetarian diet, regular exercise, meditation, stress management and family support, and are not diet by itself! And notice it’s “vegetarian” diet, not vegan, as Eric erroneously claimed. Vegetarians avoid eating meat, while vegans avoid all animal products. Vegetarianism is more about health issues while veganism is more of a cult combined with fanaticism.
The lifestyles promoted by Ornish first gained fame some 50 years ago thanks to promotion by health professionals who enriched themselves from books and lectures. More people get rich from cancer and heart disease than die from them.
Somsak Pola 
Samut Prakan

Published : June 19, 2017