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Thailand aims to be become a developed country within 20 years

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Spilled my coffee by just reading the title, couldn't dare reading the article.


The usual nonsense, of course. But we need submarines for US$1 billion, which are much more important than good public buses. Only then will Thailand become rich.

Try adding a zero to that.
Get Real

Staging coups and overthrowing elected governments every few years and then raiding the jar to buy military toys that just rust away isn’t going to help.

Delusional thinking as normal. Thais see Utopia on the horizon and ignore reality continuously. On its present path, Thailand is more likely to be the poor man of the region in 20 years.

Thailand is 60 years from being a developed nation.  It is mediaeval in its thinking allowing hi-sos to lord it over the serfs. The rule of law is barely implemented and then only selectively. Thai police are the nouveau-riche.  Packs of wild dogs roam unchecked. 
The daily slaughter on the roads continues unabated.  There is little effective education unless you are rich and live in a city. This man’s delusional thinking is typical of the ruling classes.

According to my target, if I pick the correct lottery numbers three times in the next 20 or 30 years, I won’t have to work again and will be upgraded to a hi-so.
Samui Bodoh

That would be fantastic! Then they could replace Brazil and turn BRICS into TRICS.

You realise, of course, that both political sides gave voting “incentives”. One side conwins elections the other side loses then calls for a coup.

Published : October 15, 2017