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Eat balanced meals – including meat and wine

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Re: “My beef with meat eaters” and “Animal slaughter can never be ‘humane’”, Have Your Say, January 14.



I’m not sure why Eric Bahrt thinks that I gloat over the reports of chemicals in some fruit and vegetables sold in Thailand. It’s a matter of concern for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. As for meat being contaminated because cattle consume plants, well it all depends upon what type of plants cattle are fed. Regulations and controls differ from country to country. I buy meat from New Zealand and Australia, and have no concerns over its quality. Likewise I eat meat with confidence when in the UK.
Eric Bahrt’s claim that every argument defending the eating of animals has been totally refuted is just not true. Medical opinion tends to vary, but recent research shows that consuming processed meats has a higher health risk, but red meat, if not consumed to excess, has health benefits, and a much lower health risk. White meat, such as chicken and pork, is generally reckoned to be an even lower health risk, and fish, particularly oily fish, is highly nutritious.
I think Eric Bahrt’s strong convictions might sometimes colour his judgement, as with his recent claims about clinical tests showing that a vegetarian diet lowered the risk of heart disease. It was subsequently shown that he had not revealed the full extent of these tests.
Phil Cornelius takes a moral stance on the killing of animals, which I respect, but don’t agree with. I do agree with his condemnation of poor animal welfare, but see the answer lying in better regulation, not a complete transfer to a vegetarian diet.
In the end, it all comes down to personal choice. Many vegans/vegetarians proselytise their lifestyle choice with an evangelical zeal, which is all well and good, but I for one will continue to enjoy a balanced diet, including meat, dairy and fish, washed down with a glass or two of wine. Aha, alcohol! Now that could be the subject of another tedious debate – but hopefully not.
Robin Grant

Published : January 17, 2018