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Rolex alarms bleeping loud, will Prawit find escape hatch?

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Poor Prawit’s in a pickle. Tick tock, tick tock. His time may be up.

They say a man with two watches is never sure what time it is. He must really be confused. But at least he has generous friends. His handlers should have taken a page from Lady Gaga’s playbook. A few years back she tweeted prior to a concert in Bangkok that she was looking forward to buying a few fake Rolexes in the Big Mango. The Thai public erupted in condemnation of her, saying there were no such things in Thailand. Big P should have just said all the timepieces spotted on his arm are really ersatz. His watches are fake and we know fakes don’t exist in Thailand. Poof! Problem solved.
The Klongurchin 

Published : January 19, 2018