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Wanted: New generation of politicians to oust Thailand’s democracy-wrecking dinosaurs 

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Re: “Thanathorn’s popularity attracts scrutiny of junta after new party proposed, Front page, March 8.



The National Council for Peace and Order should realise that the main reason our country’s democracy failed in the past was because most Thai politicians were old people of the old school of thought. They were either too ignorant of the constitution and the needs of the people and the country, or so self-serving that equity in society became non-existent.
This time around, we should bar these bad politicians from entering politics – or at least minimise their chances of success as much as we can.
Meanwhile, young Thais of every creed or colour should be enticed by the government to enter politics.
That would be the best way to embark on a meaningful and durable democracy in our country.
Chavalit Wannawijitr
Chiang Mai

Published : March 08, 2018