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THURSDAY, October 06, 2022
Dairy industry is hiding dark truth

Dairy industry is hiding dark truth

FRIDAY, June 15, 2018

Re: “The white stuff or the wrong stuff?”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

If there was an award given to the industry that had most successfully hoodwinked the greatest number of people it would surely go to the dairy industry. So skilful has their advertising campaign been, we now have doctors and dieticians warning us about the “serious consequences” of not consuming cow’s mammary secretions. 
Have these people ever read the dictionary definition of milk? 
It’s “an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young”. Easy enough to understand, you would think. It means a cow’s mammary secretions are meant for her calf and no one else. 
The word milk, used as a verb, actually means “exploit” or “take advantage of”, so it’s no secret that the ruthless dairy industry exploits cows for profit. 
As Eric Bahrt points out, we’re the only species on Earth who think we need to drink the baby milk of a totally species. Isn’t it time we took off our blinkers and recognised that the billion-dollar dairy industry doesn’t care one iota about our health. All it cares about is making as much money as possible, regardless of the enormous suffering it inflicts on millions of mother cows and their calves.
Jenny Moxham
Victoria, Australia