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Want to stay in a chocolate cottage?

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Cocoa fans have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world’s most beloved treat by staying in a custom-built chocolate cottage, available exclusively on starting on September 19.



Located in the magnificent glass house L’Orangerie Ephemere in the gardens of the Cite de la Ceramique in Sevres, France, the Chocolate Cottage will lure guests into an idyllic setting. 
Designed and manufactured by Jean-Luc Decluzeau, the renowned artisan chocolatier who specialises in chocolate sculptures, this unique 18-square-metre chocolate cottage will be crafted out of approximately 1.5 tonnes of chocolate. 

Want to stay in a chocolate cottage?

The up to four guests lucky enough to secure the cottage will enjoy a decadent, delicious night, surrounded by chocolate treats in every corner.
Custom chocolate details include everything from the walls and roof to the fireplace, dresser, clock, cups, books and even a chocolate chandelier. 
The chocolate extravaganza extends outside the cottage to a white-chocolate duck pond and an incredible flowerbed made entirely all out of chocolate. 
And the good news for die-hard chocoholics is that many of the delectable items in the cottage are actually edible, at least by those lucky enough to stay the night.

Want to stay in a chocolate cottage?

 Anyone who wants to stay in this chocolate dream-come-true must be quick, as only a few select nights are available for booking. At 10am (CET) on September 19 and September 26 one night will become available for the October 5 and 6 stays respectively. This unique experience can be booked for just 50 euros by visiting

Want to stay in a chocolate cottage?

In addition to the Chocolate Cottage, will offer lucky guests – in partnership with the chocolatier – a unique workshop dedicated to crafting personalised mini chocolate chalets, sure to delight the taste buds and imaginations of young and old alike. 
For details about the location, visit


Published : September 11, 2018

By : The Nation