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An invitation to sleep with Hitler in Bangkok

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Re: “Bangkok hotel features Hitler hotel room”, The Jerusalem Post, October 4.

Pol Pot room to be added soon?

This is, in my view, a case of stupidity and ignorance over any attempt at malice or anti-Semitism. However, this is not the first time this kind of idiocy has occurred but it should be the last. A few years back I had a Thai language teacher goose-stepping around the classroom; he was a good guy with no idea at all of how truly offensive he was acting. It is time for Thailand to educate its people on the evils of Nazism, the symbols of the holocaust, and the reasons why they are so utterly offensive to so many. A deep, sincere and public apology is needed, along with a meaningful effort to educate Thais on the past; this kind of thing should never happen again. It is sickening.
Samui Bodoh
Apparently, it’s not a Hitler room – it also features communist symbols in addition to Hitler’s photo and the Nazi war flag, so it’s more like a European war criminals’ room.
Stick the Thammasat massacre in for good measure and the student hanging from the tree being beaten with shoes. Obviously in funky 
day-glo colours. 
It’s a short-time room establishment called Villa Love Hotel near Bangkok. The Sun has pictures and a report headlined “Nazi piece of work: Thai sex hotel sparks outrage with bizarre Nazi-themed room decorated with swastikas and huge murals of HITLER overlooking bed”.
I think some people get outraged too easily these days, no wonder Thais enjoy wearing SS helmets to irk foreigners.

Published : October 04, 2018