Sun, May 22, 2022


America faces daily invasion of violent horde worse than Islamic State

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The most prominent structure on planet earth viewable from space is the Great Wall of China.

Begun in the 7th century BC and undergoing major restoration during the Great Ming Era, one might say it sets a precedent for President Donald Trump’s latest attempts to bring sanity to the US border problem. And by no means is it the only precedent.
The US faces a constant militant invasion, which demands control. Drugs, human traffickers and criminal gang members that make Islamic State look like Mickey Mouse pour through the porous border daily. A day spent in one of the major southern border towns that includes a visit to both sides will convince anyone that a wall is necessary. 
Opposition to the wall is entirely based upon US Democrats’ desire to acquire more power. I promise you they care not one whit about anyone but themselves.
Michael Setter
Chon Buri

Published : December 25, 2018