Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Travel ban another violation of human rights by China’s govt  

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Al Jazeera reports that the Chinese government will now forbid people with bad credit records from boarding planes and even trains.



To me, this is just another example of the Chinese government unnecessarily intruding into people’s lives, and not respecting human rights. I would hope that even the apologists of the Communist government would see something wrong with this. 
Could you imagine what would happen if the Thai government made such a decision? At least half of the population would probably no longer be able to board planes and trains given how many are in debt and often getting new loans to pay off the old ones. Far too many Thai people earning less than Bt9,000 per month needlessly buy expensive smartphones and drive vehicles which cost over Bt1 million for no other reason than to show a good public image.
Khon Kaen

Published : February 26, 2019