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Practice makes perfect – even in religion

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Re: “The Buddha’s gaze shattered even the mirror of consciousness”, Have Your Say, March 29.

“Well see like I ‘splained to ya”, as Lord Buckley once said in his monologue on the life of “precious Mahatma Gandhi”, as a long-time practitioner of the fourth vehicle of Buddhism, I do not consult books nor in general cite quotes except from memory. 
Thus it is understandable when theologians and pedants, who must consult the works of other practitioners, are confused. 
Ye Olde Theologian (possibly due to Olde) may not have heard of this vehicle, since it is relatively new, with references numbering in the mere hundreds.
Advaitayana Buddhism employs a very modern and technically precise form of language and makes the distinction between mind (which arises in consciousness) and consciousness itself. 
I write from my own understanding based upon direct experience and in the best way I know how. 
Additionally, I would recommend practice as the best solution to confusion, not reading books. In fact the entire purpose of these words is to recommend practice, not to debate how to best describe its gifts. 
Michael Setter

Published : March 29, 2019