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Staying healthy in the heat

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With the heat of Thailand’s summer now in full swing, many Thais avoid exercising outside and prefer to stay indoors.

But while most are spending their time in air-conditioned bliss, Thai consumers are beginning to understand the importance of maintaining health and wellness in their daily lives.

According to a Nielsen survey, 90 per cent of Thai consumers say that they drink healthy beverages regularly and more than 80 per cent consume healthy food.
“With the change in macro factors, be it an ageing population, environmental issues, urbanisation or higher penetration of internet and mobile adoption, consumers are becoming more discerning in their product choices, especially when it comes to healthy offerings,” said Viraj Juthani, director of Nielsen Thailand.
This is also the case for Bangkok’s modern office workers, who now believe health and wellness facilities are as important as their office’s location when considering a job. And yet for many Thai workers, it is difficult to find the time to stay fit and healthy, especially during the summer. With heart disease still at its highest level in Thailand’s history, here are some tips to maintain a good life balance during the summer heat.
Being careful about what you eat is very important for a healthy heart and overall wellness. Researchers believe that eating habits are the likely reason why Spain and Italy are considered the Healthiest Countries in the World. According to a study led by the University of Navarra Medical School, a “Mediterranean diet, supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts, had a lower rate of major cardiovascular events than those assigned to a reduced-fat diet.”
Eating a diet rich in omega-3, healthy proteins, and fats will help your body maintain a healthy balance and weight. As the body requires some fats to sustain energy, ensure you consume healthy fats such as salmon, olive oil, avocados and hard-shelled nuts. This can be found in simple to make dishes such as Grilled Belly Salmon, soaked in olive oil and a light dressing.
If you don’t have access to a gym, there are still some fun simple daily exercises that help control weight, and also release stress and endorphins, which allow you to feel better about yourself during the day. If you don’t want to scare your fellow workers, simply exercise using your office chair and do dips, squats, calf raises, seated bicycle crunches and neck rolls to loosen the body and keep your heart rate moving.
In March 2019, Nakhon Ratchasima Rajanagarindra Psychiatric Hospital revealed that up to 19 million Thais currently suffer from sleep deprivation, with almost 1.9 million suffering from chronic insomnia. Leaving insomnia untreated can lead to chronic fatigue. That can escalate to more severe dangers such as a higher risk of clinical depression, while worsening such conditions as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or dementia.
Office workers often know when they arrive at work and the hours they get to leave. Select appropriate times for sleeping and when to be awake, and try to keep it the same throughout the week. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, particularly close to bedtime; also try to stop watching television an hour before bed, as the light from the television stops people from getting melatonin, a key factor in helping us all sleep.

Published : May 01, 2019

By : The Nation