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Junk all religion and you throw away priceless tools of insight

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Re: “Make sure what you believe rests on solid foundations”, Have Your Say, yesterday. 

First allow me to point out that the “Beady-eyed crowing atheists” header to my previous letter was written by The Nation’s editorial staff, as is their common practice, and did not reflect my sentiments.
Second, I chose a principal text from the Dzogchen tradition because it does not propose belief, is perfectly consistent with Darwin and Watson (DNA), and reveals a profundity of understanding and insight which would possibly be revelatory for those who worship science. 
I am a trained scientist, have regular dialogues with numerous other scientists and find dogmatic childish belief to be nowhere more rigidly adhered to than among a group of scientists. 
I dare say the vast majority of scientists are so entranced by scientific materialism (a philosophy and belief system inherently flawed) that they would never consider serious study of a text from the Dzogchen tradition. 
Yet there are notable exceptions. Werner Heisenberg famously stated, “Quantum theory will not look ridiculous to people who have read Vedanta.” Tesla and Schroedinger were students of Vedanta, and Einstein’s recorded views about God were consistent with non-dualism. 
I am not in any way advocating belief, in fact just the opposite. What is useful however is an understanding deeper than the “religion is childish, superstitious nonsense” that Mr Knottone espouses.
Study what is an immense and challenging body of wisdom, practice it according to your own lights and under the guidance of a master teacher, then feel free to offer others your opinions, as they might have merit. Until then it is Mr Knottone who seems childish. 
Michael Setter
Chon Buri

Published : May 01, 2019